Copy Video File to PSP

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1.Connect your PSP to the PC with a USB cable.


2.Activate the “USB Connection” on your PSP: Go into the PSP Menu and select "USB Connection" under Settings, then your PC will auto detect your PSP.




       When USB mode is activated it should look like this:




3.Run Easy DVD Ripper & Converter.


4.Click on the right arrow on the "Copy File" button on the Start Page, from the displayed menu, click on "Copy to PSP".


5.The PSP File Manager should show a Local and PSP file lists automatically (if it doesn't, click on the pull-down menu to open the PSP folder manually).


6.Select the video files and copy the selected files to/from your PSP by using the context menu (right-click) or using the "Transfer" button.

       Note: The manager automatically copies the associated PSP Thumbnail (Image) with the video file, if one exists.




7.When you have finished copying videos to your PSP, deactivate the “USB Connection” and remove the USB cable. Now you are ready, enjoy your movie!


If you encounter any errors when converting, please refer to our FAQ page.