Registering Easy DVD Ripper & Converter

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Thank you for ordering Easy DVD Ripper & Converter!


To register your copy of Easy DVD Ripper & Converter, please click the "Enter Key" button when you start Easy DVD Ripper & Converter. Enter your registration name and registration key exactly as it is given to you. (We recommend that you copy (CTRL-C) the registration information and then paste (CTRL-V) it into the appropriate fields so as to eliminate typing mistake). Finally, click the "OK" button to complete the registration process.


Once your registration key is successfully registered, you will see a "Key Valid" dialog box indicating your key is valid and has been stored.


Note: has placed a time-limit (7 days) on the keys, it means that each key can only be installed for 7 days after their creation. If you see the following error message during the registration process, please contact our technical support about a new key.

"The key you entered is no longer valid. has placed a time-limit on this type of key, which has been exceeded. Please contact the technical support about a new key."